"Go Away" is the new "I Don't Care"

(oversize blouse nastygal, shorts UO, wedges F21, socks AA)
To say this shirt is oversized is kind of an understatement; it is deceivingly massive. Maybe there was pinning in the picture? I was shocked when I took it out of the box, it's like, a couple inches above the bend of my knee. So unless I'm wearing something that covers more leg (or tuck it in) it looks like I forgot my pants. It will be nice to wear under coats for the cooler days, so no worries. The wedges look like J. Cambell, but really I bought them to ease the pain of waiting for these babies to come in. It's like the Alexa wedge but, more ankle support...? ha

Btw, Fashion's Night out is tonight. I really want to go but, with just now moving into University, I'm lacking in the friends department. Might just go solo.
[update: fashion's night out sucks majorly in Dallas, TX]


  1. Awesome outfit! Love the blouse and the socks!

  2. Nice outfit!