for the love of polaroids

(ph via. coutequecoute & danh ta BTS)
I love polaroids, though I've never owned one. A camera or a picture. I think if I was a couple, and I was asked what I wanted for valentine's day, I would say a polaroid camera. Maybe that is a bit much to ask.
If no one has a polaroid camera, download THIS computer app that processes a polaroid. That is what I've processed my BTS photo with.


life is grey

(tee UO, hoodie Chrome Hearts, coat Calvin Klein)
No one has made the correlation between my Chrome Hearts hoodie and the 2NE1 "박수 쳐" MV. And the fact that it's the same one that they are seen wearing. Cause I'm a die-hard fan.
In any case, this is a cool piece of art in the art building of my university. I probably should have gotten the artist to properly credit. I don't want to be liable for any offense.


Back to Uni

Today's fashion point: careless dressing. Cause I packed/unpacked all day. My arms hurt.


Revolve Clothing

(ph. via revolveclothing)
Rumi Neely for Revolve Clothing; as herself. It would be really interesting to see her not play stylist for herself. Like, something high fashion or even a bit elegant. I'm not bashing at all, she is an icon to me, but.. just thinking outside of the norm.