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(Bambi april/may RUSSH - ph. via tobacco&leather)
In one of my classes, maintaing an e-portoflio is one piece of the compilation of grades we will receive. Really, it's like 70 percent, other than this.. it's just exams. In any case, first assignment: Fall Favs. So easy. Immediately after hearing Fall I could only imagine thick oversized sweaters, obnoxiously large furs and pretty knit things that hang effortlessly from the body. In other words, Bambi for April/May RUSSH editorial. Total rural bohemia moment. It's perfection in every aspect, the most obvious choice for Fall. I mean, so transitional. Cool yet relaxed. Of course, you can mix up the bohemian look by adding Burberry Prorsum Aviator-esque boots.


  1. Bambi NB has got to be one of my favourite models - HER EYEBROWS BLOW MY TINY MIND!! I made them my hottest thing in the world right now for April. I've only ever seen her in RUSSH though. I know she's Aussi, but you'd expect to see more of her internationally.

    Charlotte xx

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  2. bambi is a terrific girl and she is the perfect model for over the top fur pieces. she rocks it