berry berry tart tart

          In my town a big Czech heritage festival, Polka Fest. I for one cannot stand the festival, too local. Full of cowboys, people wearing their Czech heritage through their kroje, and uni and high school students wearing barely there dresses (probably tunics worn as dresses wtf) with cowboy boots. Freaking so sick…
          Really must digress, rant too easily. Anyway, my parents have an annual party this weekend and everyone comes to mooch off of our pool. Also, not fun. And a girl who speaks too casual said something that I thought was strangely kind yet idiotic.

"BTDUBZ, you're really beautiful. This is the first time I've seen you in person. I've only seen you in photos before."

          Even so, I love to bake so I took this opportunity and made berry tarts (YES BANANA IS A BERRY GOOGLE IT, YO), lemon bars, cocoa brownies, dill roasted potatoes.. lots. Really proud most of all of the tarts, they look damn cute. Secretly, I absolutely LOVE to be praised for baking. kk


a cause des circonstance

(ph. via dropsnap, stockholm street style)
Too hot for Fei Fei's look, too i'm-not-cool-enough for Si Oux's look.


too impulsive

During finals last week I was majorly stressing so I thought that I would order something to make me feel more relaxed and also give me something to anticipate. A pre-meditated gift to myself.. A little pathetic k.

I am returning the gift that I bought for myself. Really unflattering pants.. Look like someone that is an MC Hammer super-fan yet wants to stay comfy. So there is no courtesy of sufficient photos because it is pitiful if you wear your returnables proudly.


misery loves Balmain SS11

(ph. via google images)
I think that I speak for every Blackjack when I say that the Lonely MV is completely FAB. The styling is so sick, except for Lady Spring's outfit at 1:10. (The grunge T and hound's tooth print dress threw me off.) CL is the most aesthetically appealing in my opinion, baddest female.. hello! In the final scene CL is decked out completely in white and looks like an angel wtf. She also wears the obvious red jacket that has been EVERYWHERE, you knew immediately, right? Another thing that I liked about the MV is Sandara's Japanese Yakuza hair at :21

Like I said, the styling is sick (but isn't it always?) but I couldn't help but notice the heavy metaled outer wear…


The MV is drenched in Balmain SS'11. 2NE1 normally are like tough girl style while singing a tough girl song, but this time it is tough girl style singing sadly.

"The words I'm saying right now
I don't know if they'll hurt you
They'll probably make you hate me forever"

So, what's up with that? Remorseful and lonely in your lethally studded Balmain leather. BTW Balmain doing punk? Groundbreaking.



A little attractive in this shot!
Do you appreciate the action shot? Appreciate the jacket k.
(ph. from tumblr)
My favorite part of Ichi the Killer wasn't the torture, the crying, the constant flip of languages; it was Kakihara's final outfit! Really cheesy but kind of charming because it is so bad. The reflective purple suit, bejeweled 70's porno shirt, bleached hair, intense scars and face metal - such a match! Other than the fantastic styling of Kakihara, the movie was overall really great (Miike is a cinematic genius). Should watch if you are interested in retro yakuza style movies, but really do not if you're easily squeamish. Very full of intense violence of all types.


cuteness calling for a punch

I'm so addicted to purikura, it's sick. Can decorate for life. My favorite is the top-left photo, we are so cute, right? k. Does the atmosphere of the big group seem weird? They had never done purikura so they sat as if it was a portrait, so funny. やっぱりかわいいと思う. I always want to go to H-mart to eat Omi and do PURIKURA!



(web bracelet bonadrag, cross ring F21, bangle gifted, thumb cuff national geographic, various rings James Avery)
About a year ago I wore a lot of jewelry. Too much, I think. But at that time I would wear my favorite pieces everyday no matter what outfit I wore. Slowly but surely I have lost a lot of these pieces and that may be the largest factor to me deciding to wear just a ring as of late. Anyway, really have become to have a strong distaste to the style of so much jewelry that looks like a kooky hippie lady raided a vintage jewelry store. But I mean, to each their own.