Orri Henrisson - SS11

(ph. via superfuture)
How sick are these photos? I'm normally not one for massive amounts of sweet colors, but I am obsessed with these images. It is said that this concept was inspired by Big Bang & 2NE1's Lollipop MV. Hmm, you don't say. 
Some how my biases always prevail.


monday through friday

look evolution~ monday photo really looks like monday, huh?


y-3 S/S 2011

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I found time. But only a little.


Lookbook: Nicholas K - Fall 2010

(ph. via nicholas k)
These three are but a few of the looks that I adore from the Fall '10 collection. I mean, it's kind of the epitome of wind chill wear. Muted neutrals, leather ankle boots, fur trim, plaid and a whole lot of perfect draping around the body. I'm not one for skin tight clothing, (except for my Rumi Neely x RVCA Machinery dress, of course) so this falls into my aesthetic to a T. No gaudy colors, loose, comfortable, undeniably cool and that look that shows it is rather masculine. Really, I find androgynous clothing charming.


annyong, goodbye, adios

The 1,000,000 views that this MV has gotten, 75% is from me (just kidding not really). Everything about this video is amazing; CL, the J.Campbell booties, the wide spectrum of the songs melody, CL, the chorus, Bom's vocals, Sandara's thin-ness, CL, Minji's hair, Song Jaerim (i love a guy with long hair)... Oh, and most of all CL! I have such a major bias for CL, since day one, I kind of died. I don't really want to go on to more of a fan-girl rant, so just watch the video and fall in love.

Their comeback stage is on tonight! SBS Inkigayo, going controversial and performing 3 title tracks, a first! Well suited for 2NE1, huh? Look forward to it!


"Go Away" is the new "I Don't Care"

(oversize blouse nastygal, shorts UO, wedges F21, socks AA)
To say this shirt is oversized is kind of an understatement; it is deceivingly massive. Maybe there was pinning in the picture? I was shocked when I took it out of the box, it's like, a couple inches above the bend of my knee. So unless I'm wearing something that covers more leg (or tuck it in) it looks like I forgot my pants. It will be nice to wear under coats for the cooler days, so no worries. The wedges look like J. Cambell, but really I bought them to ease the pain of waiting for these babies to come in. It's like the Alexa wedge but, more ankle support...? ha

Btw, Fashion's Night out is tonight. I really want to go but, with just now moving into University, I'm lacking in the friends department. Might just go solo.
[update: fashion's night out sucks majorly in Dallas, TX]


"Wash your face and try again, if you survive"

(Kuriyama Chiaki for i-d May 2004 -- ph. via google images)
I saw this photo on ihatejackets about a week ago, and I have been so obsessed with it since. It's like, really cute, cool, edgy and everything good in the world is this photo. I've loved Chiaki for her role in Battle Royale for ages, probably, I've seen it like 20+ times. Each scene with her in it is the best, especially, "Piss. Me. Off. God, did I just hear this idiot right?". I could go on about this movie for hours, so, I digress. This photo has really made me nostalgic for bangs, I had them last year and I'm kind of wishing that I didn't let them grow out. But I want to achieve all one length style like Goo Hara. Still...


bad but good

(clogs Steve Madden, skinnies UO, crop-top Pacsun, cargo jacket & clutch F21, jewelry vintage & la dama)
ph. via sukilynn photography
This is a photoshoot by a friend of mine who is an awesome photographer. This was kind of like, just to build her fashion portfolio. It was really fun, I can really feel this grunge concept (it was also entertaining to watch people drive by and give a "wtf" look, some even bothered to make a loop to get anoher peek, ha). She is really the kind of person that anyone would get along with, really chill and easy going. So, putting in my two cents about styling was great. It really makes me want to hone and train my inner stylist skills...

Check out her work guys, she's amazing.


what i'm about: Rumi Neely

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There is not a person in this world that is more iconic to me than Rumi. I've been an avid reader of her blog for years, often starting from post one to the present and re-live her style evolution. She's kind of major. Recently gaining so much fame and recognition, so well deserved. I just hope that one day I'll have the opportunity to meet heeer, no creepy. Sad moment: I was in New York the week prior to the Time Square F21 opening. Literally, left the day of the opening at 2AM. Depression, it would have been so amazing to meet her, or even just see her. I'm sure that store was insane the opening day though.
Enough rant. More or less I receive a lot of outfit inspiration from her. Among others like, Kpop idols, huge fan. Massive fan of Korean pop culture. You can expect it.


be brave

(Bambi april/may RUSSH - ph. via tobacco&leather)
In one of my classes, maintaing an e-portoflio is one piece of the compilation of grades we will receive. Really, it's like 70 percent, other than this.. it's just exams. In any case, first assignment: Fall Favs. So easy. Immediately after hearing Fall I could only imagine thick oversized sweaters, obnoxiously large furs and pretty knit things that hang effortlessly from the body. In other words, Bambi for April/May RUSSH editorial. Total rural bohemia moment. It's perfection in every aspect, the most obvious choice for Fall. I mean, so transitional. Cool yet relaxed. Of course, you can mix up the bohemian look by adding Burberry Prorsum Aviator-esque boots.