playing with fire

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Ryan Kenny-19 year old fashion photographer, that is really something. There are a hand full of talented photographers that I know personally that are amazing in their work, but being published at 19 is amazing. The aesthetic is something I can coincide with, no sharpness. Sharpness in photography has become pretty boring and expected. Something more endearing about soft edges.

Rachel Rutt as really been blowing up lately, or have I been ignorant to her popularity all along? Saw her in Modern Lovers, vanity love instantly.


you missed a spot

this is my "that was un-salted butter?!" face

I made really a really fab berry coffee cake this Thanksgiving, you know for later when everyone wants to chill and drink coffee. However, my mother comes into my bedroom at 9 and breaks my peacefully sleeping heart "You used un-salted butter from the butter tray. It was un-salted. I thinking probably you would do that". Well of course if it is in the butter tray then I am going to use the butter WTF 

Also, mom dyed my hair and totally missed a spot on my crown. It's awesome cause now I am forced into a ponytail. 


lapse in speech

There was an abundance, AN ABUNDANCE, of bloopers. These were a small fraction.

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at the Nasher

Next visit to the Art District: Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition.

You: "JPG was smoking pot at Round Up Saloon."
Me: "What-he tweeted that?"
You: "No, my friend saw him."


it was cool until it was mine

(oxford & skirt UO, sweater Madewell, platforms J. Simpson, watch M. Kors)
I really anticipated 11.11.11 Why is it that something with anticipation often ends in absolute horror and you’re left with such disbelief at how awfully wrong your anticipated event has gone.
    It wasn't all bad.
    But it wasn't all well, either.


Kpopremix Review Show- 2NE1 : Ugly

The very first episode of Kpopremix Review feat. Will Rubert's Orchestral remix of 2NE1's Ugly

So, I review Korean Pop remixes now. Pretty fun stuff talking about kpop to a demographic who cares rather than my indifferent friends. Ironic that in the video at 3:18, I am talking about the remix video at 3:18.

Check out kpopremix.com to hear the whole remix!


the twenty-second of october

the signage is hilariously perfect. we didn't realize its presence until the after math.
photos that have an absence of grain are losing appeal more and more.
i favor moments captured via polaroid form substantially more than that of dslr.
however, polaroids come at a disheartening expense.