annyong, goodbye, adios

The 1,000,000 views that this MV has gotten, 75% is from me (just kidding not really). Everything about this video is amazing; CL, the J.Campbell booties, the wide spectrum of the songs melody, CL, the chorus, Bom's vocals, Sandara's thin-ness, CL, Minji's hair, Song Jaerim (i love a guy with long hair)... Oh, and most of all CL! I have such a major bias for CL, since day one, I kind of died. I don't really want to go on to more of a fan-girl rant, so just watch the video and fall in love.

Their comeback stage is on tonight! SBS Inkigayo, going controversial and performing 3 title tracks, a first! Well suited for 2NE1, huh? Look forward to it!

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