it doesn't tell well


I do not have much to type because, although I have been actively social for approximately 12 hours, I have the same feeling one might have after a day of forcing pseudo-interesting conversation at an event that had fascinating moments more ephemeral than a blink. Or maybe that is more or less what I experienced. To use 'pseudo-interesting' is surprisingly applicable.

「20111029」 「20111029」 「20111029」 「20111029」 「20111029」 「20111029」
(dress Calvin Klein, boots Kelsi Dagger, clutch BCBG)


black black black white

 (scans via google images)
Sun Fei Fei for Vogue China November 2011

such a beautiful monochromatic editorial.


giorgio armani 786

トレヴァー1 トレヴァー2 トレヴァー4 トレヴァー3 トレヴァー5 トレヴァー11 トレヴァー7 トレヴァー12

私はたくさん写真をとりました. 彼はたくさんタバコをすいました. 楽しかった.

that's racist.


rust + blush

[20111003] 20111003
(blazer & denim Gap tunic H&M)

I've had to really refrain from wearing this blazer everyday. The color is a beautiful rush + blush kind of color. Progressively, I have been noticing that my wardrobe is becoming consumed with Gap pieces. Makes me wonder if I am foregoing youthful outfits for a more mature style, maybe too soon? Then again, what is Gap's demographic? Anyway.

Normally, I am a person who sees things very pessimistically and does not expect much. I won't lie and say that I am a ray of sunshine that always sees a silver lining. Or even say that I think positively 20% of the time, because that too would be a lie. However, lately I have had so much for which to be thankful. A lot of fortunate things have happened that I think that other would love to have, therefore I cannot see it something as insignificant. But with things like this, I can't help but think of their life span and the impending time in which something with undoubtedly be its ruin. 

For now I will not mention the major happening with a certain entertainment company, because I am superstitious wtf