Neon Bunny

Oh My Prince by Korean Indie singer, Neon Bunny. I haven't listened much to Korean Indie, mostly just pop, but after hearing this i'm definitely into Neon Bunny's sound!
1980's electro-pop feel, so easily repeatable. 


moving in

I have officially moved into my very first (loft) apartment, I feel very lucky because our search was a sad one full of rat holes. Pleasantly surprised, the loft has STARK white walls, 12 ft ceilings, large windows and a lovely little kitchen in which I plan to level up my domestic skills.

We had a brief relationship with a terribly lumpy and misshapen $100 couch. Lesson learned, do not, under any circumstance, purchase a $100 couch because you will get what you paid for and you will be sad and you will go out and drop more money for a nice couch from ikea because frankly their stuff is modern and reasonable. Thus, there is now an ikea couch placed in the living room getting lots of love stares, and plenty of sits.

Initially I had anticipated decorating the place with fur throws, geometric rugs, rustic crates, little plants among other things until reality punched my face with price tags. As of now these chairs are my most prized purchase (sorry couch). I have so many ideas and wants… I will however have to work and wait for a paycheck in order to purchase anything. Ever. Until then I continue stock piling interior photos! Some of my favorite inspiration photos under the jump!


the day of couple photos

Today was unexpectedly fantastic. Trevor and I had our pictures taken by my talented friend, Yesi (sukilynn). She needed to supply a company with stock-couple-photos; so she gets her photos and we get nice photos together! I shamelessly often mentioned that I wanted some decent couple photos of Trevor and I, and upon my last mention Yesi contacted me shortly after-same brain waves! Now to impatiently wait for the photos.

A place that I would suggest for those who live in Dallas, Rusty Tacos on Main, really cheap for quite decent food. We had $2 brisket breakfast tacos with habanero and verde salsa, already want to go back and sit in the park longer. With a brisket taco.