2011 trend: sheer

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I really do love sheer. Something subtle, that shows a bit that is just enough without defeating the purpose of wearing clothing at all. Sadly, you tend to see more "bad" sheer than "good" sheer. I cannot understand throwing on something that looks like a massive table doily. Mad unattractive.

This is a blog, so of course it is personal opinion. 
update: I do not dislike "bad" sheer completely, say for editorial purposes. I think is chic, fabulous, edgy, etc. Daily, life; no.


Mad Simple

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After lusting for massive bags that entice you to throw every and anything into them, I've lost a bit of interest in those types. It becomes bothersome rummaging around, elbow deep, into your bag looking for something, right? But clutches are so so mad simple to deal with. Small and chic and most of all; no fuss of loosing sight of items inside of them! I received a retile textured BCBG clutch for Christmas and though I do adore it, it is not as slouchy as I had anticipated.

Currently on the search for the ideal slouchy, black leather clutch!


Helmut Lang - A/W '11/'12 Preview

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Minimalist, deconstructive, refined.
1. simple structure, sheer overlay
2. terrain texture
3. simple, chic, lovely khaki
4. maxi black, of course it's great
5. cropped leather, draped maxi


Static Interests

Jeffrey Campbell - Lita
I thought it would be cute to do a wishlist post. But I cannot remember what I had asked for. Except these. I know there were other shoes, definitely, but I cannot remember them. These shoes have been blogged to death, but I mean, there is reason. Correct? Just like the Sam Edleman Zoe boot. I have a bad habit of wanting a certain pair of shoes, then losing interest at the next platformed pair.
Also a bad habit, only buying black shoes.


Better Than the Lookbook: Nasty Gal

[NOTE : this is not me. I am the girl like, 2 posts back "I lack general enthusiasm"]
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I absolutely love Nasty Gal campaigns, most of them anyway. Especially this model, soooo gorgeous. I don't know her name (does anyone?). But yeah, and these photos look brighter and more whimsical, right? Well that is because they are. I edited them. Because I felt like it. So. Now they look a little like the over saturated & over exposed photos on Korean mass-fashion online stores. Cute, right?


obsessed obsessed completely obsessed

(ph. via thefashionspot - US Vogue July 1983)
The [뻑이가요 ] performance by G-Dragon and T.O.P at the 2010 MAMA awards has had me thinking of the 80's lately. You know.. like, 80's hip-hop, I like it. I've literally have their track playing on my ipod, laptop, phone, for the past three days. The track begins at 9:52, not that it wouldn't be easy enough to recognize the old school beat. Pause the music on the side and watch/listen (to the whole thing, the total performance was great) from 9:52 on for relevance to this post!
And this editorial is pretty cool, too.