silky silky now

(dresses & blouse UO, boots Target)
     I recently haven't been buying much due to my complete lack of income, I am however, looking for a job. Not a lazy bum lah, I am taking summer classes too.
     Sadly silk is more expensive than I would ever like it to be, but you know… it's good quality so it's expected. And why buy one silk dress when you can buy T W O? They are so beautiful and minimal, I really couldn't choose just one color. I caved and bought both shamelessly. Also, dropped more money for this impossible sheer nude blouse. My closet almost completely comprises of button ups wtf, my kind of thing I suppose.
     Lastly I bought these desert boots purely because I need flat shoes for university (these have a tiny 1" heel). They are simple, so it's good. They're pretty common, right.
I had to include Natsuko, he is so damn cute.


july interests

1. Cam-whoring with Natsuko (my 24/7 companion) on the way to San-Antonio
2. Quite beautiful San Antonio River Walk at sunset
3. Snapped Alamo as we were rushed inside by an anxious crowd
4. Being tourist-y in front of the Alamo
5. Natsuko, Andrew & I.. taking a rest.. ?
6. Cave which looks like moon puddles
7. Fast lizard who explores decorative plants
8. Asymmetrical Nasty Gal dress
9. Interesting koi at Japanese Garden
10. Creative menu at MoKah Coffee House
11. Pre-photoshoot food: Caramel Macchiato wtf
12. Post-photoshoot food: 1AM In n Out Burger



(ph. via unifclothing)
I D E A L cut, the worn bits are so nice.
Kind of menacing looking.


turned off

(dress Nasty Gal)
Pre-dinner photos in the hotel before a touristy and overpriced mexican restaurant. It was as fun as it sounds like it was.


music to anticipate

 "I don't think I like anything as much as you like.. everything." - Claire (friend) 

That's right! I am very passionate about the things that I like. I can even notice that it is very intense rather than an admiration. So, you can imagine how excited I was to find that I have a lot to look forward to in the next few weeks (both musically and non-musically, but this case musically). Two of my favorite idols will be debuting as singers with their first singles! There literally is not a thing that I become more anxious and excited over than a new creation (be it music, drama, clothing, etc) by my favorite idols.



          I have been a fan of  DJ Mademoiselle Yulia's since..?.. quite a few years now. I first noticed her on droptokyo because her blue hair and style stood out incredibly. She has the kind of style that I would always fantasize wearing but would never cause i'm real lame and normal etc. Seems like there are a lot of DJs on the Japanese scene but maybe I spend to much time on the event section of droptokyo. Aesthetically speaking she is my favorite Japanese DJ (after Kosuke Adam).
          At first I was apprehensive of listening to the MV teaser because it was going to crush my fan-girl soul if it sounded unlike what I may expect. Turns out it is really strong and catchy as she bursts through a door and marches through a really weird group of people in the backstage of a runway/circus (?) set. Also bonus! : English lyrics, YAY, no bother to have to translate in my mind the song's meaning. FUN FACT: The MV is produced by the French graffiti artist responsible for the fafinettes.


          Now, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, who I not so secretly like more! I've known about her as an image floating around tumblr for awhile but never knew her name nor knew she was a popular blogger turned model, turned eyelash designer and NEWLY turned pop singer. Lucky for me, her single comes out very soon. Just the little snip of the teaser has been burned into my mind: "PON PON うぇいうぇいうぇい" ♪ 24/7. All of my friends found it weird and annoying, they also thought it was a song about farting wtf. Even if they won't admit it, I'm sure they're thinking of PON PON PON, too!


          The best thing about her is her hengao (literally translated as strange face). She is completely cute yet she makes the most outrageous faces that I have ever seen. But somehow they are still cute, maybe that's fangirl full appreciation speaking, dunno. It is nice to know that she is cool with broadcasting her strange and unattractive faces to the internet and variety shows. I didn't list my favorite hengao face cause I couldn't find one large enough so it is linked HERE and also check out her expression at 0:07 seconds!



iPhone life

(dress Nasty Gal)
          Last night we went out for my friend's birthday dinner (2 weeks later, might I add) i.e. a time to wear this neglected dress that has been hanging in my closet since it's purchase months ago. It felt like maybe it was a bit much but I really could not wait to wear it anymore because it's so freaking adorable. In a witchy sort of way.. It has an "X" back, billowy short sleeves, asymmetrical hemline and top to bottom gold buttons on the front. Can you image the witchy-ness now? I may post more efficient photos of the dress soon while i'm on a trip with some friends to San Antonio. I will now shame myself by linking the Nasty Gal model wearing the dress here. I bought new falsies and you really cannot tell, can you? So small, wanted more impact.
 End useless fashion point of the day! 

Here is a bonus picture of Kuma because he is cute and I can't get enough of his apathetic face.
OH! notice my Rilakkuma iPhone case, I really really like Rilakkuma merchandise.


Vogue Girl 日本

VOGUE 日本: Cover

       Magazines on mobiles are mad convenient, especially when they are over-seas magazines that are damn expensive. Like $100+ for subscriptions wtf. I've been really obsessed with this app ever since I learned about it. It provides HQ photos of the magazine right in your phone, even flips the opposite way because of it being a Japanese magazine. Authentic and efficient!

VOGUE 日本: 3 Girls
VOGUE 日本: Style
VOGUE 日本: Panda Pocky
VOGUE 日本: Close Up
VOGUE 日本: 原宿が大好き
VOGUE 日本: Best DJ
VOGUE 日本: Style
VOGUE 日本: Sweet Style
VOGUE 日本: Sweet Pout
VOGUE 日本: Sweet Look
VOGUE 日本: ええと。。。
VOGUE 日本: 心配しない
VOGUE 日本: Mirro Mirror
VOGUE 日本: Plaid
(ph. via personal iPhone app)
       Aren't you dying over the 5th photo? So beautiful! Reading Vogue Japan is really refreshing, seeing the real life scenarios of believably cutely dressed girls doing things like shopping, meeting at a cafe etc. It's also nice because I can expect to see people that I idolize such as Kosuke Adam (7th ph), Mademoiselle Yulia (7th photo) and Kiko Mizuhara. 
       I think you can find a lot of inspiration through this magazine because of that, not that reading American Vogue isn't a joy, but it does touch onto my demographic a bit more. It is youthful but not so youthful as Teen Vogue. Even there are story pieces featuring the bold pink letters and romanized Japanese; really cheesy dialogue but funny. 

Enjoy this image heavy post of some of my favorite pictures of this issue! 
Isn't Japanese style A+?
(I was not paid to promote this, I genuinely love it and recommend downloading the app!)