i cut my shirt by accident, then i cut it more for the sake of being cohesive

(sideways cross necklace personalized boutique, sweater F21, ruby lipstain covergirl)
Full outfit post to come soon, I am like, really shy to ask my friends to take a photo of me.. but tonight, I will ask, haha.. Anyway, I have been kind of inspired by the less-is-more ethos that is trending right now. I think the idea of just a few key pieces of clothing is really beautiful. Though, I just bought a fur vest and coat (faux!).. maybe I am more of an appreciator rather than a person that follows through with the trend.

I am also noticing that I have dimples now. I did not always have them. I am really thrown off by this.


Danh Ta Fall 2010

(BTS ph. rights to sukilynn photography)
Kya! A preview~ A lovely fall 2010 collection of Danh Ta (of which I had the honor of being the model). The pieces are nothing short of chic. I kind of would like to not mention too much of it until the editing of the photos are finished and the site has been updated.. Will you look forward to it? You should because this guy has some serious talent!

Please check out both Suki Lynn and Danh Ta's work here:
Sukilynn's website
Danh Ta's website

A side note: I am not being paid to mention either of these two, they are friends of mine.. that happen to have talent ^.^

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any similarity

(denim jacket Gap, romper UO, watch&bangle vintage)
This is my go to hair style, I like to think of it as a homage to Alexander Wang SS10 when really it is me being lazy in the mornings. My watch and bangle may seem familiar if any of you are a Rachel Zoe fan. The weather has been pretty nice and thought I should wear this great romper at least once more before it becomes too cold. The draping of the romper is so interesting, it really makes it versatile. Casual (like so) or it can easily be worn chic. And yes, I did buy it at UO cause I'm just that hip.

Nha Khanh fashion show tonight!


Lanvin SS11

(ph. via coute que coute)
I realize I've been quite lame when it comes to outfit posts. But the thing is life gets in the way, you know? Sometimes I look rough after a day of classes to possibly take a photo... Now; in relevance to the post--Lanvin. Oh man. This first one shoulder dress is everything. So sick. The amazing arm cuffs mock my go to cuff. The heavy metal of the accessories juxtapose the chic minimalism feel of the collection perfectly. Aside from Jil Sander's maximalism SS11 (which is arguably the best collection of the season), Lavin has definitely been my favorite. 

I'll be attending the Nha Khanh Black Velvet collection debut show tomorrow night. Beyond excited. Maybe I can snap some outfit shots. Or maybe snap some shots of the show, maybe not.. 
at risk of looking like a square. 



brand you

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This is an assignment that was due on blackboard as of 24:00 CST. Which is now obviously late. I can't believe I missed it.. I was too immersed in "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho". Ah, really.. the drama was too good to stop watching... even to finish an assignment. It will be discredited by 10 points. When we know it should be a 100, right? kk~ I'm kindding kind of.

This is called "Brand U" for our e-portfolio. Can you see it? Who it is? It is completely Alexander Wang. My personal style is what the label says, as I am a combined effort of my many interests. But A. Wang has always been my favorite amongst designers. Even sneaked into his showroom in NYC, without an appointment. Ah! Sneaky! It was so great. The kind of place that you walk out of the elevator and loose all ability to move forward.


tick tock

s(shirt UO, shorts DIY, boots F21, bracelet La Dama)
I'm wondering when these "Yeah, it's fall now but not quite time to break out any sort of light knitwear or layering" kind of days will transition into cold weather. Really sad. I've been buying sweaters, coats and jackets since May. I'm just a little anxious for cool weather. Who doesn't love the time to bundle up in pretty knits and scarves and boots and coats and~...


sleek chic

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Newly opened H&M in Paris on prestigious 88 avenue des champs-élysées. Look at the aesthetic of the store! I mean, not at thing about it says fast-fashion. It's sleek and the exposed techno-esque light fixtures are a new aspect to H&M, or any other retail store that I have ever been to. I am sure that there are others. Though I am envious of the Paris location, I am just grateful that they are opening an H&M in Texas, finally. In my favorite mall of all places~ Really, it will give the malls retailers, from F21 to Barney's, a run for their money within the opening week. Just a guess. I will be first in line!


glass skin

(t-shirt Dir En Grey concert, distressed skinnies ZARA, boots F21)
A pretty basic outfit. Nothing avant. I was feeling a little nostalgic when I came across this t-shirt in one of my drawers and decided to wear it today. I'm not really here to please others tastes, which brings me to the mentioning of my first hate comment. I deleted it, naturally. It did effect me, to think that I annoyed someone or gave off an unpleasant appearance really isn't nice to hear. But this is something that I want to do for myself as a sort of lookbook and thought memoir, so I'll continue. And in the future I hope that anyone that does come across my blog will enjoy it. I'll be putting my best face forward.

On a lighter note, this Sunday I will be the model for Danh Ta's upcoming Fall/Winter collection, I'm very honored and excited! I hope that others will anticipate it as well! I hope to document it in some form other than the actual lookbook.


fresh take

(Ann Demeulemeester via the sartorialist)
The ss11 runways have been trending white recently, as we've seen with; Celine, Chloé, Akris and so on. I love the simplicity and it's refreshing to see crisp white layering, though knowing myself it would quickly fall victim to a coffee stain.
Though I am currently on the search for something perfect in white.


Do want.

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