too impulsive

During finals last week I was majorly stressing so I thought that I would order something to make me feel more relaxed and also give me something to anticipate. A pre-meditated gift to myself.. A little pathetic k.

I am returning the gift that I bought for myself. Really unflattering pants.. Look like someone that is an MC Hammer super-fan yet wants to stay comfy. So there is no courtesy of sufficient photos because it is pitiful if you wear your returnables proudly.


  1. Boo on the unflattering pants.
    Hopefully you'll find a gift that suits you well.
    Love the site!

  2. If those are from F21, I must say I almost grabbed that pair as well. But I did decide I'd get hell from them, as we no longer live in the 80s. Glad to think I wasn't alone.