berry berry tart tart

          In my town a big Czech heritage festival, Polka Fest. I for one cannot stand the festival, too local. Full of cowboys, people wearing their Czech heritage through their kroje, and uni and high school students wearing barely there dresses (probably tunics worn as dresses wtf) with cowboy boots. Freaking so sick…
          Really must digress, rant too easily. Anyway, my parents have an annual party this weekend and everyone comes to mooch off of our pool. Also, not fun. And a girl who speaks too casual said something that I thought was strangely kind yet idiotic.

"BTDUBZ, you're really beautiful. This is the first time I've seen you in person. I've only seen you in photos before."

          Even so, I love to bake so I took this opportunity and made berry tarts (YES BANANA IS A BERRY GOOGLE IT, YO), lemon bars, cocoa brownies, dill roasted potatoes.. lots. Really proud most of all of the tarts, they look damn cute. Secretly, I absolutely LOVE to be praised for baking. kk

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