misery loves Balmain SS11

(ph. via google images)
I think that I speak for every Blackjack when I say that the Lonely MV is completely FAB. The styling is so sick, except for Lady Spring's outfit at 1:10. (The grunge T and hound's tooth print dress threw me off.) CL is the most aesthetically appealing in my opinion, baddest female.. hello! In the final scene CL is decked out completely in white and looks like an angel wtf. She also wears the obvious red jacket that has been EVERYWHERE, you knew immediately, right? Another thing that I liked about the MV is Sandara's Japanese Yakuza hair at :21

Like I said, the styling is sick (but isn't it always?) but I couldn't help but notice the heavy metaled outer wear…


The MV is drenched in Balmain SS'11. 2NE1 normally are like tough girl style while singing a tough girl song, but this time it is tough girl style singing sadly.

"The words I'm saying right now
I don't know if they'll hurt you
They'll probably make you hate me forever"

So, what's up with that? Remorseful and lonely in your lethally studded Balmain leather. BTW Balmain doing punk? Groundbreaking.


  1. I know right? The moment I saw CL rocking out the red leather jacket I knew it just screamed Balmain. I absolutely love love love the MV and the music demonstrates their beautiful vocals.

    2NE1 has never failed to impress <3