I've been damn busy lately, hence no posts. Recently I got hired at H&M, the FIRST in Texas and one of the largest in the country BAM. It's been absolutely mad since opening, kind of makes you consider what fast-fashion really means to the world. So much that they would wait in line over night. Literally the people in line would go nutzo when they saw us (the employees), why? Who knows. Apparently the whole thing is a colossal deal, we had people flown in from Germany, Switzerland, UK and all over the US to assist in the store production. On a side-note, I heard that Jane Aldridge was at the press-release party, I couldn't go because I am not full time. So sad OMG OTL


I am asking for this poster once season is over. I want every photo of Jon Kortajarena in the store, such a babe oh my god. Other than the fact that Jon is plastered all over, I prefer to work Men's purely because the fashion is better. I find myself wanting to purchase more Men's clothing than Women's. Also, men are not fussy shoppers, they are complacent with purchases that are within their normal style and also, don't throw tantrums over something being out of stock. 


Final camho shots taken during break at work, damn yellow wtf

by the way~
 I lost. TAH! 

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