statistically speaking

Having really boring days lately. And really unfortunate days lately. Constant shift of happiness with company and depression when alone. Having trouble with a class currently but we can't win them all… wouldn't that be nice. Who copes with the heavy feeling of failure? I'm not really the type to take that as an, "Oh, it happens to the best of us". To even say that, it is a little naive, I think. That is a broad assumption based on, what? Self-reassurance most likely. Of course, I will get over it at some point but it is very fresh and it is hard to not constantly think about it and feel pathetic.

Ending in a lighter photo, not so grey and bleak k. Cam-whoring is a little fun even if you're down.


  1. cam-whoring's fun every now and then :D
    and you look oh so gorgeous !

  2. Purteh. True, I'm also having pretty boring days. And I do cam-whore to try and have fun xD

  3. love the shots of you with the camera in the mirror. i think pictures like these are so cool! and you're so pretty <3


  4. You may be having a bad day, but you look really pretty in all these photos! I found your blog off a comment from The Fancy Teacup, and I'm really happy I did. This post, and your earlier ones, are very cool with some lovely writing. Would you be interested in following each other? I already followed you, but would love the support.