iPhone life

(dress Nasty Gal)
          Last night we went out for my friend's birthday dinner (2 weeks later, might I add) i.e. a time to wear this neglected dress that has been hanging in my closet since it's purchase months ago. It felt like maybe it was a bit much but I really could not wait to wear it anymore because it's so freaking adorable. In a witchy sort of way.. It has an "X" back, billowy short sleeves, asymmetrical hemline and top to bottom gold buttons on the front. Can you image the witchy-ness now? I may post more efficient photos of the dress soon while i'm on a trip with some friends to San Antonio. I will now shame myself by linking the Nasty Gal model wearing the dress here. I bought new falsies and you really cannot tell, can you? So small, wanted more impact.
 End useless fashion point of the day! 

Here is a bonus picture of Kuma because he is cute and I can't get enough of his apathetic face.
OH! notice my Rilakkuma iPhone case, I really really like Rilakkuma merchandise.


  1. Your iPhone case is so cute, I wanted one like that too but ahem, lack of iPhone :-P From what I can see, the dress is super lovely as well! xx

  2. the dress is stunning! and yes a little witchy :)