frohen vatertag

Being that I am a full-time student, I have no time for a job. Thus, I have no source of income which always leaves me in a bind for gifts. Luckily food is relatively inexpensive and delicious, cause i'm an ace cook, etc. So this is what I created for father's day breakfast: breakfast pizza inspired by smitten kitchen.

My normal work space when cooking.

Preciosa looking extra desperate for some fallen scraps. Cannot deny that her pathetic whines and longing stares didn't work for her…

Since this was an early project I decided that I had no time for hair curling and settled for my default bun. But with an extra twist, braid first then create the bun. Cute, no?

Everyone seemed to really enjoy the pizza, even though they nagged about the thought of sunny-side up eggs on their pizza (i think it would have been GREAT) and got their way in the end with a scrambled mixture. I hope to try out the original recipe soon, not with scrambled eggs, wtf.

Click the above picture for this recipe and more at Smitten Kitchen!

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