Bread Winners

Bread Winners

Finally, I went to Bread Winners. I say that as if I've been wanting to go for ages when in reality it has been maybe a week since I have even known of it's existence. I knew I would be interested in this place because 1. It is a cafe, 2. It is a bakery. Which means: sweets sweets sweets and coffee.

Foilage & Spare Table
Banana Bread French Toast

The entire place is really relaxing and charming, especially the courtyard which is where we ate. Aesthetic max! Red brick walls and rustic brick floors, love exposed brick wtf. How cute is the little bird and the lush foliage? To start I had an espresso in attempts to compensate for a major lack of sleep. I'm a mad person when it comes to French Toast, so of course, that amazing plate of banana and bread is mine. Really enjoyed it aside from the ice cream scoop size whipped cream on top. Properly flung it a safe distance away before I ate. Even though it isn't the cafe that I have been desperately searching through Dallas for (one that sells French macaroons) I look forward to my next visit.


  1. Wow the food looks divine! Has that lovely relaxing mood to it. And yes, that bird is cute!!

  2. Hey,
    I was googling "How to remove white spaces between my photos?" and I've come on a topic where you asked it. (http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/blogger/thread?tid=7d8424cca39c57fe&hl=en)
    But I don't get it, I can't find the html code.. How did you do it?
    Lovely blog btw :)