glass skin

(t-shirt Dir En Grey concert, distressed skinnies ZARA, boots F21)
A pretty basic outfit. Nothing avant. I was feeling a little nostalgic when I came across this t-shirt in one of my drawers and decided to wear it today. I'm not really here to please others tastes, which brings me to the mentioning of my first hate comment. I deleted it, naturally. It did effect me, to think that I annoyed someone or gave off an unpleasant appearance really isn't nice to hear. But this is something that I want to do for myself as a sort of lookbook and thought memoir, so I'll continue. And in the future I hope that anyone that does come across my blog will enjoy it. I'll be putting my best face forward.

On a lighter note, this Sunday I will be the model for Danh Ta's upcoming Fall/Winter collection, I'm very honored and excited! I hope that others will anticipate it as well! I hope to document it in some form other than the actual lookbook.

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