i cut my shirt by accident, then i cut it more for the sake of being cohesive

(sideways cross necklace personalized boutique, sweater F21, ruby lipstain covergirl)
Full outfit post to come soon, I am like, really shy to ask my friends to take a photo of me.. but tonight, I will ask, haha.. Anyway, I have been kind of inspired by the less-is-more ethos that is trending right now. I think the idea of just a few key pieces of clothing is really beautiful. Though, I just bought a fur vest and coat (faux!).. maybe I am more of an appreciator rather than a person that follows through with the trend.

I am also noticing that I have dimples now. I did not always have them. I am really thrown off by this.


  1. Lovely photo's. You are really pretty. (:


  2. I love dimples, you're gorgeous, wish I had them! thanks for stopping by & your sweet comment, keep in touch!