Last Minute Halloween

This was my last minute halloween costume: a French girl with a black eye. And by last minute I mean, I found out we were actually doing something for halloween a few days prior to the event and I had twenty minutes after work to scrounge up a costume. Mine turned out to be more of a persona rather than a costume, a French girl with a black eye. There is no story to this get up, it just came to me and I had my boyfriend find a beret at a vintage store while I was at work. I ended up only wearing this for about two hours and so I was relieved that I did not have to spend a penny on this outfit because these pieces were already in my wardrobe (sans beret, thanks Trevor)! People seemed a little thrown off by the black eye because for one my outfit was quite "normal" compared to the sexy policemen and sexy mermaids all around. So maybe I only looked like a girl with a black eye. But I thought the beret was stereotypical enough to get the point across, no offense, of course. Really I loved the black eye and love to wear them on days that aren't halloween. Not in a masochistic way, but really just like the look of bruises.

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