the day of couple photos

Today was unexpectedly fantastic. Trevor and I had our pictures taken by my talented friend, Yesi (sukilynn). She needed to supply a company with stock-couple-photos; so she gets her photos and we get nice photos together! I shamelessly often mentioned that I wanted some decent couple photos of Trevor and I, and upon my last mention Yesi contacted me shortly after-same brain waves! Now to impatiently wait for the photos.

A place that I would suggest for those who live in Dallas, Rusty Tacos on Main, really cheap for quite decent food. We had $2 brisket breakfast tacos with habanero and verde salsa, already want to go back and sit in the park longer. With a brisket taco.

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  1. i love the pics!
    I live near Dallas, so I'll be sure to go check that taco place out.
    Love your blog!