OVM by James Jean

(photo via OVMLOVE, stopitrightnow)
James Jean branches out and creates a jewelry and textile line inspired by both his art and nature: 
"a place of luminous fantasy and dark decay"

The drip necklace is so beautiful and simple, special but without fuss. Likewise, the stackable drip rings, though i'm not too into many accessories as of late, are amazing. Shockingly enough the layering butterfly necklace is also very appealing to me, i'm not one for feminine jewelry. Okay, maybe an obnoxious cocktail ring here and there. Hate to go on and on annoyingly "ehmigawd, this is my fav!... this one for real is my favorite!... okay this one made me die!" but I mean… the scarf… THE S C A R F. With a great eye for detail and intricate design (notice the jewels embedded and the swan clasps) comes an expected high price..

Too poor what whaaaat-! 

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