Mad Simple

(ph. via carolinesmode)
After lusting for massive bags that entice you to throw every and anything into them, I've lost a bit of interest in those types. It becomes bothersome rummaging around, elbow deep, into your bag looking for something, right? But clutches are so so mad simple to deal with. Small and chic and most of all; no fuss of loosing sight of items inside of them! I received a retile textured BCBG clutch for Christmas and though I do adore it, it is not as slouchy as I had anticipated.

Currently on the search for the ideal slouchy, black leather clutch!


  1. I have been on the look out for the perfect slouchy clutch for so long! Love all of these looks :)

  2. I prefer clutches better than handbages! The second and third one are my favorites! Great inspiration! We can look together :-). By the way, I love the songs on your blog! xooxoxxoo

  3. So funny because I was thinking of making a post almost just like this, with photos from Stockholm StreetStyle too, haha great minds think alike ;) I want all of these! I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect slouchy clutch as well!

  4. wow, these photos are EVERYTHINGGGGG <3 each one is just perfection.