The Art of Giving

(ph. personal - faux fur vest nastygal, skinnies F21, boots Marc Fischer)
This Saturday at Fashion Fusion was The Art of Giving event. The store it's self is really interesting, it sells modern furniture, local art and local design pieces in an amazing loft style showroom. Danh Ta, of whom I am very grateful, debuted his Fall line of which I was the model. It was a little strange to see myself in stores. In any case, the collection is lovely and from what Danh said, the night ended in quite a few sales, congrats Danh! It was a lot of fun to just hang around and non-chalantely take photos of photos of myself (Ahh.. I promise I am not vain). Only one person realized I was the person in the photos so, no worries really.

Please, be sure to check out Danh's work at his website. If you've the accessibility, check out his pieces in person at Fashion Fusion.


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  2. Evening looks like a success, great photos, definitely looks like a lot of fun!! xo

  3. COOKIEEE :D Great blog these photographs are amazing :)

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  4. really great post:))

    kiss my dear

  5. this looks like such a lovely time! pretty photos :)